Shed Skin Papa
Francis Ng, Louis Koo, Kristal Tin & Jacky Cai


Washed-out film director Tin Lik-hang (Louis Koo) is encountering a series of crisis in life. His mother has recently passed away, his film company is bankrupt and debt-ridden as a result, while wife wants a divorce. On the other hand, he must now take care of his 79-year-old dementia-ridden father, Yat-hung (Francis Ng). In the midst of Lik-hang's miserable plight, Yat-hung suddenly begins to shed a layer of skin every day like a cicada, each time making him look ten years younger, from ages 60 to 52 to 37 to 28 to 19. As Yat-hung approaches the same age as his son, they bond at a football stadium where they used to spend their weekends. Yat-hung even helps frighten debt collectors after his son, and charms both Lik-hang's wife and his mistress. With Yat-hung's six stages of life reappearing, Lik-hang, who never seriously got along with his father, was able to travel into the six eras of his father's life, and gain new understandings for his father, who struggled to make a better life for his family. Lik-hang also has the opportunity to have one final meal with his mother, before returning to his reality with passion anew to revive his own career and marriage after learning from the twists and turns experienced by his father.




Francis Ng, Louis Koo, Kristal Tin & Jacky Cai